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In August 2019 Christian and Karen Hedegaard were able to purchase The Promise, a beautiful property on 12 acres of land with a 12,000 square feet construction shaped as a cross. Nobody had ever lived there, it was build without permission in 2004. and the house was doomed for demolition, but by the grace of God, the process was reversed.

After numerous meetings with the city and the county, engineers and architects, they are now ready to built. It has been a tiresome and very costly proces, but in all this they have seen the hand of God and the provision that comes with the vision.

The Promise will be like an oasis with lots of space for guests, a beautiful place where people can come and visit from all nations and find rest for their souls. As a family they have always used their home as a base for ministry and so it will continue. In the serenity of The Promise they will be able to seek the Lord and write new books. Furthermore they want to grow the land and prepare the property so it can be used for for events.

This is a faith project that needs a lot of prayer. Help share the vision and pray for the right people to assist and the ressources to come in order to prepare this place for the Kingdom. If you want to sow into The Promise and take part in the project, you can donate here. As you take part in our promise, we pray that God will bless you and fulfill the promises in your life as well!

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