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Worshipping with Inuit people in their native language. Recorded at revival meetings in Denmark, June 2019.

In 2003 Christian Hedegaard was invited to preach the gospel in Northern Greenland. A school teacher in  Kullorsuaq (meaning “The Devils Thumb”) had read the book “Conquering Demons” and had received Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Now he wanted the evangelist to come and preach the gospel for the rest of the village..

Christian Hedegaard traveled several days by plane and helicopter to get there, and when he finally arrived, revival broke out. People were getting saved, healed and delivered and after this the church in Kullorsuaq was established.

Read here about the revival in Greenland and the native evangelist Tuparnak Berthelsen. that is reaching the lost.

Bringing Healing to Greenland

Send Out As Missionary to Her Own People

Iceberg Lake
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