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Are you struggling with your Christian life, your finances, your health, wondering if it will ever be possible for you to live a life in victory and the freedom that Jesus has purchased for you? Do you want to learn how to enter into God's presence and to speak in tongues, heal the sick and cast out demons?, then Powerschool is for you!


Powerschool was established by evangelist Christian Hedegaard in 2016 out of Powerhouse Church in Orlando. It is not a regular bible school but a one-week lifestyle school, where the teachers share their ups and downs, their battles and victories and most importantly, how they overcome in times of trouble. It is about reaching the lost and raw faith, not a nice message that will massage your ears but powerful teaching that will challenge you and set you free.


Since the beginning, Powerschool has had students from different nations. Denmark, Greenland, Faroese Islands, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ecuador, Guatemala, plus other states. It is a melting pot of culture, where people come together to be shaped by the Holy Spirit. Every day starts with worship, and during the week you will have hands-on experience in prayer, evangelism, and ministry amongst the homeless people


Powerschool is located at Powerhouse Church in Orlando. On staff is Christian and Karen Hedegaard and local pastors and ministers from Powerhouse Church.

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